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Care and pampering with quality articles, with domains of authority and with few links pointing to our web to position with the appropriate keywords remember to diversify the anchor text to avoid possible penalties. Guiding the image i have made, I will explain briefly what types of links would go on each level: or tier: we must be clear that we do not care about quality. At this level. That I would even qualify as tier spam, our obsession must professional seo services agency be the quantity forgetting and leaving to the quality of the links. As we see in the picture the ideal would be comments in blogs, forums, directories of baa quality, bookmarks.

Or tear: here we must worry a little more for the quality of the text surrounding the links, for example, articles of a medium quality+ words embedded in directories, quality blogs. And authority media, etc. Some people automate texts at this level. I personally would not do it, nor do i; o tier: this is the most important part, as this is the level closer to our website, and the one that we should take care of. Here we must create blogs. In places of authority. In addition, all the articles that are inside these blogs must be written by us or by professionals, who are original and unique and only with the necessary outbound links made our web project position.

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This type of blogs with seo off page- tiered link building strategy web positioning: seo on and off page from the hand of Luis m authority, they would be blogs at word press. Com, blogger, blogs universities we already know the importance and appreciation google has this type of blogs, we can even create a blog with a domain that already professional seo services agency has authority and is free because its previous owner has released it. But. How do I connect these levels or tiers? Following the superior image, which i have prepared for the occasion, we can see how everything is perfectly linked. The tier are connected only and exclusively with tier, and the same between tier and tier. Under any circumstances, skip levels, that is, do not put a link from a tier to a tier, because otherwise the invention stops working and we can be penalized.

This would only be a data of our strategy of seo off page- tiered link building strategy local seo services india web positioning: seo on and off page from the hand of Luis m levels but we can have as many as we want, i always I recommend between- blogs tier blogs. Or blogs satellites. As we see in the picture above professional seo services agency it is about going from less to more, it's about gaining quality, popularity, strength, page rank. Through a laborious strategy but once we have it all done, we not only ensure a strategy of obtaining of links that we control. But in the long run gives its fruits. Remember that when we use seo techniques we must be very careful and accurate in this regard.

Our decisions. This technique is heavily pursued by google, so we must play with several emails, protect our identity and be very thorough when he passed. Words like and, from, etc. Since version. Of the word press seo plugin you are words are automatically removed from the permanent links to the save an entry. This will prevent you from having ugly URLs in the eyes of search engines when you use a sentence in the title of an entry. In general, this is not something that nobody wants to see more change after posting an entry or a page. If the link has already been indexed we should try not to change the permanent link, in case we do, we must make sure to create the corresponding redirection and verify that redirects successfully.